Hansolocambo – 3D&2D Design


Low / Midpoly meshes thought for real-time 3D Engines. 

Sketchfab’s WebGL viewer is very demanding, close unnecessary 3D viewers (cross on the top-right of each thumbnail).

I did those two levels entirely, they are part of the work I did during my 4 years as a 3D modeler at Titus Interactive Studio.

Spacedraw (Android App)
Workflow 100% on a smartphone


LowPoly & Unwrapping : Spacedraw

Painting : Artflow / MedibangPaint

PSTouch : UVs organizing

I made those models using the only true 3D Modeler available for smartphones : Spacedraw. I worked for the sole coder of this app, an AI programmer, for about 3 years . Writing lengthy bug reports and improvement suggestions. Working without any computer software was a real challenge, especially for the unwrapping that I had to do entirely by hand, more or less quad by quad, as there is nothing in Spacedraw for that.  I understood a lot about the logic of what’s behind the hood of our everyday powerful auto-unwrapping tools.

It was a lot of fun modeling those meshes and discovering the truly impressive power hidden behind Spacedraw’s text based UI. Models and textures were 100% made with only a smartphone.