Hansolocambo – 3D&2D Design


Sculpts / Retopo / Hand-Paint / PBR

Those models are low poly modelings or sculpts retopologized. My workflow, detailed on the right, is fairly similar for each asset.

N.B : As Sketchfab WebGL’s viewer is very demanding, don’t forget to close (cross on the top-right corner) windows that are still running.


LowPoly & Sculpt : ZBrush

Retopo and UVs : 3D-Coat / ZBRush / 3DS Max

Baking : Knald / Substance Painter

Painting / PBR: 3D-Coat / Substance Painter

Textures editing : Photoshop / 3D-Coat

Works in progress
PBR retopologized meshes
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